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  • Training at Gracie Barra has been nothing short of fantastic. Everybody is so friendly and the knowledge and confidence gains from the self defense have been astounding. (more…)

    Oliver Hand
  • I was looking for a place to practice BJJ when I passed by Gracie Barra on my way to Sprouts. I was nervous to contact them (would it be a McDojo, full of thugs, .....) (more…)

    Evan Simpson
  • Here jiu jitsu is accessable to everyone.Techniques are done with great detail.And I always have a good time with the people there.

    Kevin Newman
  • I was in search of a new Jiu Jitsu school after not training for nearly 7 years. I had attended two other Brazilian Jiu Jitsu schools here in Tucson, AZ in the past and I can say with (more…)

    Chris Rivera
  • I have always been big on family activities. For the longest time my husband and I have wanted to train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. When I found Gracie Barra Tucson, I was unsure of how fitting (more&hellip

    Roz Martinez
  • I just started at Gracie Barra a month ago, and I couldn't be happier! Everyone - from the instructor (Professor Enrique) to the students - welcomed me from day one and (more…)

  • Practicing at Gracie Barra, Tucson is a completely inviting experience. The school has a very professional atmosphere/attitude. The entire gym is extremely clean and the curriculum is (more…)

    Annicah Duenas
  • Amazing experience so far. I absolutely adore my school, my classmates and my instructor and would not trade in my experience at GBT for anything.

    Matthew Shenkman
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